Monday, November 14, 2011

Three Golden Words are not "I LOVE YOU"

Maybe for some, but for me they are “Please, Sorry And Thank You.”

If we think about our daily routine, talking with people constitutes a major component of the day. Be it at home, work or any other place. Interacting with people is inevitable and hence is one of the most important activities of our lives.

However we all have different styles of interacting and communicating with people. Some people seem to be liked by most of the people and they get away with anything while some people always find themselves in the bad books of others around them! Why does this happen?

The answer lies in the simple magic words of communication! We were told and taught about these words when we went to school. We used them repeatedly at that time and faced far less troubles dealing with people! However as we grew and became important people and grew busy, we forgot about these words!

The simple magic words are - Thank you, Please and Sorry!

Lets see how and why to use these three words:

1. Thank you

There is not one day of our life which we spend without taking help from another person. Be it your family, friends or colleagues. From the time we start our day till we step into our bed for a good night's sleep, we have taken a number of favours. However, how many times do we thank the other person truly. Be free and generous in saying Thank-You! Express your gratitude! It does not take away your credit, but definitely makes the other person happy and more willing to help you the next time!

2. Please

Often we take things for granted and order other people to do things for us, rather than requesting them to oblige. This does not help as the other person feels as if he/she is forced to do this for you. Just adding a simple and sweet please, could completely change the attitude towards you. Even if he/she cant do it at that time, they will make it a point to help you the next time!

3. Sorry!

As they said, "To err is human ..." and we do exercise this right as a human being numerous times a day! However, as easy as we may find to commit a mistake, it is tremendously difficult to accept it and apologize for it. And this barrier to accept our mistake and take responsibility for it causes strains in our relationships be it with a family member, friend or colleague. Saying sorry does not really disgrace anyone, on the contrary puts them in a more respectable position.

These three simple words can work wonders for people. If you genuinely use these words in your day to day communication with people you will definitely find a change in the way people respond to you and your actions.

The next time you wished that you could use a spell on some body try using one of these magic words!

It was then that I realized why we should say ‘thank you’ the smallest of things.
Not being thanked is not a good feeling.

‘Thank You’ is all that it takes to shows someone that you care and that they’re important.
Not being thanked hurts; it’s only then that we realize the importance of thank you. Use this word generously to create smiles .

Just want you to use the 3 golden words- Truly and wisely And you’ll feel great When people appreciate it by saying- Thank You!

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